About Andrew Farrell

Andrew Farrell was a young man who showed spirit and courage throughout his entire life and defined the true meaning of a teammate and a leader. On the baseball field, he was known to come through with great words of encouragement during tough times, and could change a game with the swing of the bat. One Philadelphia Daily News article even called him a “Babe Ruth-sized designated hitter.”

Away from the field Andrew really showed his courageous self. Both Andrew and the Farrell family endured many hardships even before his own personal battle. In 1996, Andrew’s older brother, Tom, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that resulted in vision loss in one eye. In 1999, Andrew’s younger brother, Michael, passed away from brain cancer, and later in 2003, Andrew’s mother, Michelle, passed away from complications due to pancreatic and cervical cancer. But, despite the many difficult obstacles, he always continued on with his head held high no matter the situation. He wasn’t one to complain about his personal hardships and lived life to its fullest everyday. In fact, in June 2003, it is known that shortly after his grim leukemia diagnosis the first thing Andrew thought about and asked when he was seen by visitors in his hospital room was if the baseball team had won their baseball game that afternoon.

After being diagnosed with leukemia, Andrew courageously fought just as he did on the baseball field, and alongside of his family members, exemplifying his own spirit of courage throughout his personal battle. Tragically, Andrew Farrell passed away on April 18, 2004 at the age of 21, but The Andrew Farrell Spirit of Courage Fund continues to carry Andrew’s legacy both on and off the field. While Andrew’s dream of becoming a collegiate baseball player was cut short, the Spirit of Courage Fund has enabled supporters and deserving students with the same aspirations as Andrew to live that dream.

To learn more, watch the Comcast SportsNet Video profiling Andrew Farrell’s life and the work his friends, family, and community are doing to remember and honor him through the Spirit of Courage Fund!